Dear Efficacy Family,

In the very first conversation the three of us had about starting this brand, we resolved to build a brand that meant more and did more than simply producing and selling goods. The word 'efficacy' means "the ability to produce a desired or intended result". And our vision has always been that these goods would become a means by which we are able to produce a greater intended result.

Our desire is the annihilation of child trafficking.

And after three years of building a grassroots brand with you by our side, we've begun the initial steps to make good on the promise to ourselves to use this brand as a force for the good of others in the world. And while our efforts on this front currently remain behind-the-scenes, we wanted to begin garnering interest from the Efficacy Family about being a part of the solution.

The three of us humbly ask you to consider signing up below to receive information as it becomes available about how to be part of something greater than ourselves.

We'd be honored to fight alongside you.

— Aaron, Mark, & Nate