3 New Designs from Illustrator Logan Schmitt

Get excited.

We certainly are.

Super stoked to release new designs that are perfect for your Spring riding season, from the incredibly talented hands of illustrator Logan Schmitt.

You may remember Logan from his work on the Labor Ipse Voluptas design as part of our Makers Collection.

He's back with a 3-piece collection dedicated to the moto, music, and whiskey lifestyle.

Take a look at these…

Life and Death

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Whiskey While You Work

Whiskey Review: Old Dominick Huling Station Bourbon

I’ll be up front with you: I love this bourbon.

I’m having a glass as I type.


On a whim, I recently popped into a local wine and spirits shop that I had never been in before (you know, the kind that just says “Wine & Spirits” on the storefront), and decided to let Doug recommend a bottle of something nice. I had never met Doug, but it was apparent early in our conversation that—on top of being a knowledgeable dude when it comes to whiskey—we have very similar taste.

He took to my ask for something bold, complex, unique, but without annoying heat, and introduced me to Huling Station Bourbon from Old Dominick, out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Ladies and gentlemen, this might be the best $40 bourbon I’ve ever had.

In their own words, “Huling Station is an homage to the whiskeys of 1866 Memphis, with a high-rye mash bill reminiscent of those offered by Domenico Canale in his heyday.”

I’m drinking neat…

Appearance: The color is a brilliant copper, with hints of cherry in certain lighting.

Nose: The allure of warm caramel and toasted vanilla ran up my nostrils during the first smell, with the addition of browned butter as I drew in my second long sniff.

Palate: With a sort of masculine elegance, this 100 proof bourbon pulls in beautifully. The underlying caramel and vanilla are enveloped by a balanced spice with a bit of cherry and other dark fruits knocking on the door.

Bottom Line: Buy this bourbon. (And no, they didn’t pay me or even send me a free bottle to write that.) If you can’t find it at your local shop, ask for it. If your local shop doesn’t bring it in, move to Tennessee. It’s that simple, y’all.

Cheers, friends.
- Mark

Have you had this whiskey?

Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts.