The Evening Hate

If you know anything about us, you know we love fast motos, heavy music, and strong whiskey.

And so when our Founder, Mark, was asked to play a role in the music video for RED’s new single, The Evening Hate, you know it was a no-brainer.

See if you can spot him…

As Loudwire notes in their coverage of the song/video release: "The evening hate" is a phrase that was coined in 1915 by frontline soldiers during World War I, who sought shelter in trenches during warfare. "While we all experience or witness hate throughout life, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, we all have the ability to crawl out and rise above such a tremendous adversary, hell bent on division and destruction. Without hate, the world would never know what true love really is,” proclaims bassist Randy Armstrong.

“After beginning a war against an evil that wanted to control us all in the last video, ‘The Evening Hate’ picks up right where that left off," Armstrong continues. "The song itself is about relentless hate that never ends, and what better way to depict hate than through war...The video is a fitting representation in that it depicts the chaos of conflict and the hate that fuels it. It’s up to us to crawl out of the hate and press on. The world would never know what true love is if hate didn’t exist." Read more…

3 New Designs from Illustrator Logan Schmitt

Get excited.

We certainly are.

Super stoked to release new designs that are perfect for your Spring riding season, from the incredibly talented hands of illustrator Logan Schmitt.

You may remember Logan from his work on the Labor Ipse Voluptas design as part of our Makers Collection.

He's back with a 3-piece collection dedicated to the moto, music, and whiskey lifestyle.

Take a look at these…

Life and Death

Get Slideways

Whiskey While You Work

The Dangerous Tour

The boys in August Burns Red are tearing it up on the road right now, hitting cities around the U.S. hard with The Dangerous Tour.

And we continue to be total fan girls when we see JB and Dustin wearing our tees on stage — including our new Gold Redux styles.

All photos by the man, the myth, the legend: Ray Duker


For more, follow August Burns Red.

Fit For A King

Recently got a chance to hang with Ray Duker and the guys in Fit For A King, as they came through Nashville on tour with The Devil Wears Prada. Our buddy Daniel Gailey of Phinehas has been filling with FFAK, and shredding his way through tour in our Memento Mori tee.

(Click image to enlarge)

REVERENCE North American Tour 2018

The boys are back on tour.

Our dudes in August Burns Red are rippin’ through the states on the REVERENCE North American Tour 2018 with Parkway Drive et al. If they’re swinging through your city, grab tix and get ready for a killer show.

p.s. Their Instagram handle is now @augustburnsred and no longer @abrband. As they put it, “Shout out to the dude who had the @augustburnsred handle and hadn’t made a post since 2011.” Ha!

As always, we’re honored to have some of our threads on the backs of JB and Dustin as they do what they do best. And credit always goes to Ray Duker for such wicked photography.

Here’s a brief glimpse into the tour thus far…

(Click image to enlarge)


Wolves at the Gate

Our homies Wolves at the Gate recently swung through the Nashville area as they closed out their recent tour. Always stoked to get a chance to connect with and see the guys live.

Oh, and Nick may or may not have been wearing our Ex Nihilo tee.

Just sayin'.

(Click image to enlarge)


Photos by @tneading


Photos by @marynikkel

Phantom Anthem Tour

The boys of August Burns Red are on the road again.

This go-round comes off the release of their new album Phantom Anthem, featuring Invisible Enemy, the track that has earned ABR their second Grammy nod for Best Metal Performance.

Once again, we're humbled and honored that some of our tees are accompanying the guys as they shred their way around the country.

Below is just a taste.

All photography by our good buddy Ray Duker

(Click image to enlarge)

You can find us at the Feb. 11th show in Nashville.

Backstage with August Burns Red

We're honored and humbled that our tees continue to be on the backs of some of the boys in August Burns Red as they tour across the country and around the globe.

And aside from obvious front-of-the-house awesomeness that is ABR live, we can tell you from personal experience the guys are every bit as rad backstage as they are on stage. 

Here's a peek backstage with the boys...

All photos by Ray Duker

(Click to enlarge)

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And for more behind-the-scenes...

August Burns Red European Tour 2017

The boys in August Burns Red are currently taking their Messengers 10 Year Anniversary Tour through 15 countries in the UK and Europe. You may remember some of our tees accompanied the guys last year on their 2016 European Tour, and we're just as pumped to have a few tees in the mix this go-round as well.

Here are just a couple shots from our good friend Ray Duker from ABR's first few shows.

(Click to Enlarge)

We really do love these guys.

Invisible Enemy

If you know the three of us, you know we're huge August Burns Red fans. (Especially Mark. He's a total fangirl. Like... totally.) We were fans even before we had the opportunity to get to connect with them personally, and are even more so since getting to know them. So we're always crazy pumped when they drop new material on the scene.

And yesterday they did just that.

Here's Invisible Enemy, the first single off ABR's upcoming album, Phantom Anthem, set to release Oct. 6th.

Get hyped.

The guys just landed in London today on the European extension of their Messengers 10 Year Anniversary Tour. So be on the lookout for them in some of our tees.

Messengers Tour

Our friends August Burns Red and their crew have been romping around the country (and Canada) on the on the 10 Year Anniversary Tour of their Messengers album.

Always love seeing JB Brubaker shred in our threads.

(Click image to enlarge)

Photos: @rayduker

Photos: @whateverlane

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Our good buddy Ray Duker just came off tour with one of our favorite heavy metal bands, Fit For A King, and sent us some shots of FFAK bassist Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary in our new War Hog tee.

(Click image to enlarge)