1. a member of a people having no permanent abode, and who travel from place to place to find fresh pasture for their livestock.

    synonyms:itinerant, traveler, migrant, wanderer, roamer, rover; 

    gypsy, Bedouin; transient, drifter, vagabond, vagrant, tramp

    • a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.


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Gasoline Charmer

Ride or Perish

Night Rider

Memento Mori


Felix Culpa

"Blessed Fall"


Memento Mori

"Remember You Must Die"

Mors Certa

"Death is Certain, the Hour is Not"

Mors Mihi Lucrum

"Death to Me is Reward"

Vivos Voco

"I Call the Living, I Mourn the Dead"

Small Batch Flags

Ever since we connected with Brett of BC Burnings, we've been itching to do a collaboration with him on some small batch, handcrafted flags. 

Made from the finest 7 oz. duck cotton fabric, these custom flags have been individually hand-cut to 28" x 45", coffee-dyed for 24 hours, hand-painted, and hand-finished with sewn edges by Brett himself. Each flag is unique and 100% Made in America.

We're super pumped to release three designs in limited quantity.

Pit Stop

We're super charged up to release our Spring/Summer Collection.

Inspired by vintage automotive signage, this retro 5-piece spring collection is aggressively cool and casual, and draws from a 1970s color palette to include our first ever multi-color designs.

Say hello to...

Grizzly Bear

Speed Demon

Thrills and Spills

Genuine Parts

Repair Service


Our friend, food blogger and receipe extraordinaire Bell'alimento, recently sent us a batch of shots of our Front Lines Collection, and... well... she makes our threads look almost as delicious as her food.

Here are a few of our favorites...

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They say the devil is in the details.

If you look close, you'll notice the intricacies and imperfections that come with hand-lettering and hand-illustrating every facet of our designs. It's what we've committed to since founding the brand. It takes more time and effort, to be sure. It doesn't make "business sense", if you will. But we think, in an age of mass production, that you deserve a product that is truly handcrafted from concept to completion.

It's not the devil.

The divine is in the details.

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The Flask

In collaboration with The Sneerwell, we're honored to release our Death Has No Power flask.

Each 6 oz. stainless steel piece comes with a sulfur black patina finish and hand-etched typography.

Happy Days

A slogan of freedom and one of the most iconic photographs taken after the repeal of Prohibition in America.

Liberty or Death

Patrick Henry's resounding and revolutionary battle cry of liberty, encasing a skull wearing a Prohibition-era motorcycle helmet and goggles. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Liberty or Death...


Perhaps the most anticipated design from our Prohibition Collection is here. Those who signed up for our exclusive Fall Preview voted it their favorite, so we're incredibly amped to introduce you to Eagle...

Bolt Collection

We're amped to release our latest styles today! The Bolt Collection features our signature handcrafted illustrations and typography, in bold yet elegant new styles. Over the weekend we took to the streets of downtown Columbus, OH for a shoot with our buddy Jeremiah. Here's a peek at the shots, with more to come via our social networks over the coming weeks.